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Welcome to MO2B

Mind Our Own Business is a black-owned business directory that highlights the best black-owned businesses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and North Carolina. When you visit MO2B you can browse our site for resources that meet your needs and interest and then be quickly directed to the website or online store for your new favorite merchant. 

Mind Our Own Businesses

To often black-owned businesses are overlooked, and stereotypes for the sins of others or as a result of being compared to our better funded, and resource given counterparts. Mind Your Own Businesses is a small black-owned business directory that is built on the foundational principle that we are stronger together. 

Like many of black-owned business owners founder LaKesha Lawrence conceptionalized the idea of this directory years before actualzation. However in the wake of Black Lives Matter protest and civil unrest of 2020 it became clear that the time for solutions was now. 

The question then became how would this directory be different and how would it best serve our community? 

The answer is by highlighting the businesses that break the stereotypes, the businesses that blaze trails for others to successful travel. MO2B is a curated list of the best black-owned businesses serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, and the world wide web. 

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